Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twinkle's Evening Shell

I am experimenting with Twinkle by Wenlan Chia chunky knits. I have all three of her books therefore, I made this shell to test sizing of Twinkle patterns for my body type...

I am pleased with the results! The Karate Jacket is next....

For my evening shell, I used Cascade Magnum, which is a very soft and lofty yarn. It is very similar to Twinkle Soft Chunky and is an less expensive, and also an excellent substitute. The color is called Celery. I see as more like a light 'Peridot', which is my birthstone. It is a heathered yarn which includes turquoise blue and soft yellow shades throughout. These photos are pre-blocking.

**Pattern Notes (for next time):** are posted on Ravelry:

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