Sunday, December 16, 2007

Composed Mitts...Looking Good!

My Composed Mitts from Interweave Fall '07 are done just in time for our first snowfall. They are blocking and will be ready for wear in the morning. I am very pleased with the results...These mitts are absolutely gorgeous!

This was a great knit to practice fair isle or color standing knitting. I am a bit rusty in this area but the pattern directions/charting were easy to follow and needed no major adjustments. I would recommend this pattern to an advance beginner who wants to learn fair isle or knit something fun with more than one color.

I used Berrocco Ultra Light instead of the Blue Sky Alpaca that is used in the original. Berrocco Ultra Light's color selection is awesome for those who love rich vibrant colors. The five colors that I used are not an exact match to the original pattern but they are close and I was able to result the same visual impact. I have a lot of yarn left over but I am considering knitting these mitts again in another color palette.

With size 4 6"Chia Goo bamboo double point needles I was able to get gauge. I ordered these needles to try them out. My experience is that they appear to get better with use. On these needles, Berrocco Ultra Light knits up soft and airy. The wool definitely adds strength and provide the memory effect to the yarn. I was concerned that my mitts would grow with wear if I used 100% Alpaca.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Let's get organized!!! Marimekko-inspired Felted Needle Case

My needles use to be all over the place. Now they have a lovely home. Those handy Lancome cosmetic cases will now be used for something else. Instructions for this Marimekko-inspired Felted Needle Case is included in Hip Graphic Knits by Rochelle Bourgault and Lisa B. Evans. This is a nice little book if you are looking of simple color work patterns. I purchased it because it has some basic, youthful designs that are helpful for developing my intarsia and fair isles skills.

Using bobbins and carrying your work is a learned skill and time to execute these techniques must be factored in. It took me about a week to complete. Since this was my first felted knit project I opted to used reasonably price Lion Brand Wool in Rose and Pumpkin that I purchase from Michaels. This yarn is perfect for felting. It works up well and felts smoothly. I only had to run it through one 15 minute cycle. When the felting process was complete, I measured my piece and left it to dry overnight.

Overall I am please with the results. Deciding on the number of compartments was probably the most difficult task. Once I decided on the interior configuration, stitching the needle pockets was a breeze. This is also my first project on my new sewing machine. I have been without an operating sewing machine for several years and was concerned that I could still sew a straight seam. No problem! I am back in there...!

My case is finished with a sheer coordinating ribbon that I found at Hancock Fabrics. I am not sure how long the ribbon will hold up. Its okay for now but I anticipate that I will have to create an I-cord with the leftover yarn.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Embellished Stitch Markers...

One of my upcoming projects will include knitted panels where several stitch markers will be necessary. I have seen bead embellished stitch makers shown in the top knitting magazines and it occurred to me that these stitch markers would be easy to make. Just like my knitting stash, my beading stash is overflowing. I am always looking for a good beading project to make use of some of my beading "odds and ends". This afternoon I whipped up a set of 14 stitch markers with lampwork and silver(925) silver bead charms.

That new digital camera is still on my list...! Unfortunately, I can't get a good picture of them to post. This picture does not capture the beautiful details of the lampwork, swarovski, and silver beads that I used. All of the lampwork and silver beads are handmade. The lampwork are various shades of purple with white accents or cores.

The silver beads are mix of Bali, Turkish, and Thai silver. I threw in the swarovski and freshwater pearls to add some contrast and sparkle. The rings are Hilltribe Thai silver and they will fit a needle size up to 10 1/2 (US). Most of the knitting projects I select require a needle smaller than 10 1/2, therefore I will get a lot of use out these. I will probably make a set that can be used on needles as large as 15 to 17 (US). I have to find larger rings. This should not be a problem.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Scarf to go with that beret!

I had some chunky alpaca in the my stash and I whipped up a beautiful, soft cable scarf. I am a scarf person and I like to wear a different one as often as I can. Also, I like them long so that I can wrap them around a couple of times. This one is a dusty rose pink and it is about 7' long with the fringe. These pictures do not do justice to the beauty of this piece. I love pink as an accent. It adds a feminine touch to anything you wear. It is, in my opinion, a versatile, feel good color that compliments most skin tones.

This was a quick knit on size 10 needles. Alpaca is a great yarn to work with. It is very soft, warm and durable. This is my first project using 100 per cent alpaca and I am now convinced it will not be my last. I have ordered more yarn with Xmas in mind. Now...if the weather will make up its mind...cold? hot? I am kinda looking forward to wearing my beret and hat combo with jeans or one of my nice wool top coats.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mon Cherie Beret!

Finished in a weekend!...Kat Coles Beret from "Greetings from Knit Cafe." When I saw Julia's 2006 post ( beret finished in Valeria di Roma Angora...I had to make one in angora.

I found 4 skeins of the yarn in the same crayon color. It is pricey at $13+. Per Julia's recommendation I increased the brim just a tad bit: On size 3 needles, I included 2 additional increase rows in the pattern before I started the decreases to achieve the right amount of drape. The 4th ball of yarn is required if the this adjustment is included. To finish, I misted my beret with a water bottle and left it to dry mounted on a paper plate.

This is a great project for a beginner. The pattern is easy to follow and the results are great! Valeria di Roma Angora yarn is a little tricky because of the long hairs but it is luxurious and indeed a pleasure to work with. I would like to make a pair of gloves that picks up one of the shades in the yarn...Hmmm!!

Surprisingly, I am not a hat person, but I will wear this hat, probably with some type of hat appropriate jewelry. It's a great because it does not comprise the 'hairdo' too, too much! I am just a little concerned that it will shed. Only time and a few wearings will tell! I am sure someone else may get lucky for Xmas this year! I ordered more of this yarn in bright, beautiful, sexy red (rouge). Cest Manifique! J'adore!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Beautiful Bed Jacket!!!

Im000982This weekend, I just completed the finishing touches on my bed jacket for the Knitting Lingerie Style KAL. Now I am searching for a vintage jeweled button for a closure. This project is wonderful...! It is great for the intermediate or advanced beginner who is looking for a challenge or test of your knitting skills. I used the recommended yarn Cascade Sierra in aubergine. This yarn is great to work with. There are a lot of pieces to knit and assemble. The pattern instructions are clear and on point. Everything came together nicely. The fit is perfect. I made no adjustments to the pattern. To my misfortune, no one home at this time to take my picture as I model my new finished object so I took a few pictures of it hanging as a place holder for my post.

There is no doubt that I will wear this jacket for years to come. I have a couple of pairs of pajama pants a pair of slippers that coordinate wonderfully. After a long day at work I will toss this on with my PJ's and get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate. I will also wear this jacket this fall with feminine skirts and jeans and lacy cami. There are so many options. I would like to thank Robin for putting this KAL together. I have enjoyed working all of my projects from Knitting Lingerie Style and will knit a few more before I put this book on the shelf for safekeeping. Joan has a fan for life! The trumpet skirt is my next project.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pretty Purple Socks!

I finished these Lacy Summer Socks, from Knitting Lingerie Style, about a month ago, but did not have an opportunity to create a post. My pictures are a bit light. The color is actually a beautiful Plum color. I used the K1C2 Ambrosia yarn as suggested in the pattern. This is an absolutely wonderful yarn to work with. The end product is very soft and stretchy. I know I will be reaching for these socks frequently, especially when the weather turns cooler. I am not an avid sock knitter, but this pattern has to be one of the best sock pattern's that I have ever knitted. It is very well written and has increased my interest in socks knitted toe up. I highly recommended this pattern for those who are new to sock knitting and would like something more interesting than an simple stockinette stitch. I will certainly knit these a few more times...On to my next project! Bed Jacket or Trumpet Skirt?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Shaped Lace Tee...Picture

A picture for the record. My digital camera does not do justice to this beautiful sweater. The lace pattern is fun! I think I will change the sleeves next time I make it.

Shaped Lace Tee Finished...

Last night I finished the Shaped Lace Tee from Knitting Lingerie Style. I love and know that I will wear it often. I chose an earthy green color for fall and plan to make another one in Ivory. Cascade Sierra is a great yarn to work with. I will also make use of it in a wrap that I would like to create. This tee was truly a project that I could have completed in a week, but as usual, I experienced several interruptions that diverted my attention or left me too exhausted to keep the momentum. However, I was anxious to finish this top this weekend so that I could move on to my next project. I think I want to tackle the trumpet skirt next. Its late ... I will post a picture before the end of day tomorrow.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Ready to Get Started!

I am up late tonight setting up a new blog, reading the instructions for the Knitting Lingerie Style - Shaped Lace Tee and preparing for my gauge swatch. For this project, I will be using the recommended yarn, Cascade Sierra, in moss green...I am a bit partial to green!

I am at home on vacation this week and hope to make good progress so that I can prepare for my next project. I would also like to tackle the bra and panty. I anticipate that this will also be a fun project. I have not made anything so intimate and personal...yummy!

Fixation arrived this weekend and Cecila is on the way!