Sunday, October 21, 2007

Embellished Stitch Markers...

One of my upcoming projects will include knitted panels where several stitch markers will be necessary. I have seen bead embellished stitch makers shown in the top knitting magazines and it occurred to me that these stitch markers would be easy to make. Just like my knitting stash, my beading stash is overflowing. I am always looking for a good beading project to make use of some of my beading "odds and ends". This afternoon I whipped up a set of 14 stitch markers with lampwork and silver(925) silver bead charms.

That new digital camera is still on my list...! Unfortunately, I can't get a good picture of them to post. This picture does not capture the beautiful details of the lampwork, swarovski, and silver beads that I used. All of the lampwork and silver beads are handmade. The lampwork are various shades of purple with white accents or cores.

The silver beads are mix of Bali, Turkish, and Thai silver. I threw in the swarovski and freshwater pearls to add some contrast and sparkle. The rings are Hilltribe Thai silver and they will fit a needle size up to 10 1/2 (US). Most of the knitting projects I select require a needle smaller than 10 1/2, therefore I will get a lot of use out these. I will probably make a set that can be used on needles as large as 15 to 17 (US). I have to find larger rings. This should not be a problem.

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