Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pretty Purple Socks!

I finished these Lacy Summer Socks, from Knitting Lingerie Style, about a month ago, but did not have an opportunity to create a post. My pictures are a bit light. The color is actually a beautiful Plum color. I used the K1C2 Ambrosia yarn as suggested in the pattern. This is an absolutely wonderful yarn to work with. The end product is very soft and stretchy. I know I will be reaching for these socks frequently, especially when the weather turns cooler. I am not an avid sock knitter, but this pattern has to be one of the best sock pattern's that I have ever knitted. It is very well written and has increased my interest in socks knitted toe up. I highly recommended this pattern for those who are new to sock knitting and would like something more interesting than an simple stockinette stitch. I will certainly knit these a few more times...On to my next project! Bed Jacket or Trumpet Skirt?

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